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Independent Escort In Bangalore

Do you know the cure for any girl, including the girl of “your dreams?” Another girl. Those old biorhythms, psychological dependencies, and the luminescence that you attach to old memories about your times with her can be washed away clean by laying with another girl.

I’m talking about female independent escorts. Hookers. Backpage, Craigslist, rubmaps, use whatever you need to use to find them. Lay with them safely; wear a condom. In fact, let her put it on with her mouth, which the more skilled ones can do well, even as they have kept it hidden in their cheek like a hamster.

My experience with female escorts is as follows. From the ages of 18-33, I have been with dozens of independent female escorts Bangalore. I lost count at about the 30th one. There were three situations where they really helped:

(1) Technically losing my virginity. I wore a condom, did not orgasm, and found the experience to be anticlimactic. That’s all that sex is?, I thought. I had explicit offers of sex throughout my teenage years from other independent teenage girls, including my friend’s younger sister, but I wanted the first time to be special in my own way–I wanted an older, hotter lady that would do what I wanted her to.

(2) The early 20s, after an LTR, where I found out the girl had cheated. I paid for an extraordinary young Japanese lady with the tightest skin I’ve ever felt. Then I called the ex up, told her that I already moved on by fucking someone else. Ex cried. After that episode, I paid for all different types of female escorts for about six years.

(3) Within the last month, to get rid of some recent pent up sexual frustrations from a nice, long period of monk-mode and self-improvement. The last one was a real long-legged beauty.

I’ll get to the reasons why I’m not plating or doing the one-night stands, like many fellas here like to do. Because I know some of you are thinking right now, but I’ll only do so in the comment section, as I won’t waste space here.

The first reason I recommend female escorts is that you can get exactly what you want when you want–even female Bangalore virgins if money is not a problem. Granted, money is a problem for many, and if it is, then handle that part of your life first. Now, with money out of the way, you can get to what you want by shopping around. In my experience, this requires a bit of trial and error. Escort Expect a few bad apples here and there. Examples: one time I paid for a girl and was tricked by the low lighting. When she was fully undressed, I was underwhelmed. She wasn’t terrible, but she wasn’t worth the money either. So I let her suck it, and got out of there without finishing–she just seemed too pitiful. There were a few other times where I had them show up (outcalls) and the chemistry just wasn’t there, so I showed them the door, much to their disappointment (“You don’t like me?”). There was even one that was hot, that tried so damn vigorously to give me head, but I’m picky, and without the right desire/chemistry, whatever you want to call it, I just cannot abide being in her presence any longer, so I sent her away and she was pissed.

That last example leads to the counter-intuitive “chemistry problem.” I have made at least 10 different female escorts physically, visually cum, and have them thank me for it as if it doesn’t happen enough. We like who we like, regardless of how hot they are. This goes the same for female escorts. Some of them may have never believed that they would be very turned on by a customer. And I never thought I would lack the desire to fuck any particular HB8-10, and was shocked that some of them actually repulsed me. There are theories based on the deeper parts of our brain, but that is not important here. Just make sure get what you are paying for, no matter how nice her body is. Make sure you understand yourself and know what you want. Know thyself.

And that last point segues into another benefit of independent vip girl Bangalore. You get to try out all different types of ladies. You may find one particular type (body-type or service) to be excellent, a type you had not even considered before. Perhaps you like girls from a particular country or region. If there aren’t many of the types you like to be found in whatever scene you use to find women, then maybe there is an escort in the nearest city to delight in.

If you have limited time, female escorts take only one hour. Supposedly there are half-hours, but I’ve never done that short a time before. At least one hour and you’re relieved and on your way. If done right, all parties are satisfied, and there is no drama.

Ex-girlfriends can linger in your mind. Memories of their touch, laying in bed with them, whatever. I have found much satisfaction in using new women to forget an ex.

Imagine, after a while of shopping around that you happen upon a place that actually does lineups–lining up all the available girls in their skimpy outfits for you to choose from, and, damn it, one is just about as good as the next. How to choose? Pick two or three instead of one? I like looking each in the eye and intuiting the best one based on my physiological response.

One last benefit: I’ve never met an escort that didn’t force me to wear a condom by not even asking and just putting it on the straightaway. I cannot say the same about some of the one night stands/plates I had in my 20s. I like safe sex.

I’ll just touch on the money again since it is of prime concern with female escorts and then end this post. I don’t know what you think of 150 US dollars, but I have had some outstanding sex with HB9s for that price, depending on where I was at the time.

Lessons Learned

  • female independent escorts Bangalore help develop the habits necessary to recognize the transactional nature of male-female relationships.
  • We should get exactly what we want out of a relationship and nothing unwanted.
  • Get her out of your mind with an escort.
  • Shopping around to find out what you really like
  • Safe sex